The Vilee ZenLet: Rfid Blocking Wallet

ZenLet Type Rfid Blocking Wallet

Traditional wallets with their compartmental design haven’t changed for more than a hundred years. While that works fine for a lot of people, there is a lot that can be done with the Zenlet: RFID Blocking Wallet.


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Make traditional wallets a thing of the past with the Zenlet Wallet's minimalist, ultra-modern design. it is suitable for any occasion, and its ultra-thin and lightweight construction makes it very easy to fit into any pocket. Plus its sleek and simple design greatly minimizes that bulky outline you get when keeping a traditional wallet in your pocket.


As the only wallet available that brings simplicity, security and intuition together, ZENLET wallet provides a permanent solution to a both secure slimmer wallet. The Water-resistant hard-exterior shell seals in your valuables, preventing them from accidentally falling out or getting lost. The Zenlet has the capability of securely Holding up to 7 cards


The Zenlet Wallet's simplicity belies its sophistication. Don't get caught in the past, explore the future with Zenlet: RFID Blocking Wallet now!


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It's been a couple weeks since I received the stainless steel RFID blocking wallet and I am very satisfied with the purchase. The wallet is very sleek and all of my cards fit snug into the holders. I have already accidentally dropped it and it didn't pop open, and I opened it upside down not paying attention and nothing fell out. It has a very professional look and I've used it at a couple high end restaurants and received positive feedback from people on it. I've shared information to friends about the technology who had never heard about RFID blocking and they also liked how it looked and displayed the cards. I am curious as to how the wallet will hold up over time and I will try to update the review after six months then a year to see how it's doing.


Very impressed with this wallet right out of the box. Well constructed with a good weight to it, so I'm not concerned about it slipping out of my front pocket. There are 6 card slots inside and I realized, I was carrying a BUNCH of unnecessary junk in my old wallet. Old receipts, rewards cards I never use, business cards from people I dont even like, etc.... Now, I am down to bare minimum and it's exhilarating. I have my ID, debit, two credit cards and two insurance cards in one slot, because they're thin. I have been able to put 10 twice-folded bills in a slot up front very easily. Order now. You will not be disappointed. And for the price, it's an absolute steal.So much in fact after using it the 1st day, I purchased another one just to have on hand. Buy it... You know you want to! Lol


I have been carrying this wallet for a few weeks now and I have really come to love with it. This is probably the best wallet I have ever used. I wear it primarily in my back pocket and I don't feel it sitting down unlike the wallet it replaces. Space really isn't an issue for me either. Some thing that are in there right now is my Library card, Insurance card, Credit card, Debit card, spare key for my car (has to be a wallet key), Drivers license, and two business cards. Wallet sill closes fine. If I didn't have the business cards in there I would fold two $20's in there and it would be fine. I have dropped this wallet maybe 3 times on concrete. Not on purpose obviously but it help up fine there aren't even any deep chunks missing unlike my cellphone. The locking mechanism is great, I think part of that Is how simple it is.


Had credit card info stolen in the airport years ago by an RFID reader... Had purchased and used a number of lesser quality RFID wallets. For a guy who used to have a George Castanza (see Seinfeld ref) I paired down to just IDs and credit cards. The problem with the old RFID wallets I was using was the strength of the clasps. With what I had in the wallet, they would never stay closed however, with the BRYK wallet the clasp always stays closed. This was huge for me. The thick metal and the sleek look add to the quality of this wallet. As for the RFID BLOCKING, I work in a SCIF, so to test it, I put my badge in it and ran it across the badge reader without being able to read my badge inside... That's a sure sign the faraday cage was working. I WOULD RECOMMEND these wallets to anyone looking for a sleek, very well made RFID wallet that exudes Quality!


This is one of two metal RFID wallets that I own, and it's the better of the two. The metal case is fairly sturdy and the metal clasp locks tight. My other wallet has a flimsy plastic clasp mechanism, and it opens whenever the wallet is dropped. The sheaths in this wallet are thicker than my other wallet, and it has held up longer against wear-and-tear. For me, this wallet works because I do not typically carry around change or many bills, so my driver's license and 5 other cards can fit nicely. The wallet is also less bulky than my other one, and I usually keep it in my jacket pocket rather than jeans or pants. These wallets are obviously not for everyone given what you can fit in them, but it has been great for me!


I love this! I carry a small purse so for quite some time my credit cards just floated around in my purse because I didn't want to take up precious space for a bulky wallet. Then, I found this solution to my problem. It holds all my essential credit cards and drivers license and I love that it opens up as an accordion so that I can easily locate the card I need. For my other cards, like health and vechicle insurance, that I need to keep on me but don't use often, I purchased at thin metal business card holder.

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