The Vilee Popsicle Shaped Watermelon Slicer Stainless Steel

Popsicle Shaped Watermelon Slicer Stainless Steel


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Whether it’s because Beyoncé got ‘drunk in love’ off them or because they are just so damn delicious, we can’t get enough of watermelons! In smoothies, salads, face masks or vodka, the list of uses is endless. But unfortunately every rose has it’s thorn and with watermelons, it’s that gooey, pinky, pippy mess they create. You know the one I mean. Save yourself the trouble with these awesome Popsicle slicers! This new device cuts a watermelon into fun and easy to handle lollipop-shaped slices. Like a cookie cutter for melons, the stainless steel blade easily pushes through the watermelon and rind and lets you slice up a whole melon into slices in seconds. Perfect for kids and parties.


✔️ABS + Stainless Steel, Sharp Blade, Easy to Use and Clean.

✔️Help You Cut Watermelons into Consistent Size Pieces and No Watermelon Juice Left on Hands or Counter top.

✔️Popsicle Shaped Watermelon Slicer Would Make Your Summer Amazing and Arouse the Child's Appetite.

✔️It Can be Use for Ice Cream, Watermelon, Cantaloupe and Honeydrew, You Can Enjoy Various Fruits and Food!

✔️A Definite Must-Have for Your Happy Home Life. Very Sweet Gift for Your Housewife or Househusband.


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