The Vilee Chestnut Waterproof Eyebrow Microblading Pen

Waterproof Eyebrow Microblading Pen


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"The Waterproof Microblading Pen" is a new-concept, long-wearing, four-tip pen colors each eyebrow with a super natural look, lasts all day without smudging. The unique 4-tip applicator allows to create a more hair-like natural brow look. You can get polished eyebrows with the selection of shades that matches your hair color. When the color wears out after two or three days, you can retouch them to maintain the color..

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After trimming the eyebrows without applying any skincare product or makeup, shape the outline of your eyebrows as you desire. Apply the 4-tip applicator vertically and gently draw eyebrow strand by strand from the front. If you want more intense eyebrow stain, put the product on before going to bed (applicable for both morning and afternoon).

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Do not wash your brows with cleansing products or rub it, if you want them to remain longer.


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